A Global Threat - Stuck In The Skull

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  • A Global Threat
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    Title: Stuck In The Skull
    Album: Where The Sun Never Sets (2006)
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    First entry of the date February 15
    Barring unpaid bills displayed on the door the fridge has
    Been obsolete for weeks
    Two took my shortcut through the switchyard last night
    Neither made it past the T
    They didn't make the fence so they fed the rats
    And I'm surprised it wasn't me
    No opportunity, the outside world is an empty space
    And when I try to fight I always find I'm put back in my place

    Forth entry of the week a grim repeat
    Continuation of a eulogy

    Belly full of bock, fit to enbalm, don't wanna talk
    Or leave this head, let alone this house
    Cause past the lunacy there's bravery
    At least I think a bit
    It all this shit is such a comedy, let me in on the skit

    Stick in the skull

    Final entry, February 15
    Stircrazy in a daze
    Home to wake from a dream