A Global Threat - Cut-Ups

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  • A Global Threat
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    Title: Cut-Ups
    Album: Where The Sun Never Sets (2006)
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    Kicking and screaming
    Their don'ts to a teacher that cares
    Who follows suit and soon points them to a room
    Where parents and doctors await with a solution to share

    Kid are just cut-ups
    Cutting their cures on a plate

    And don't say this song is on point
    Or the neighbors that care
    Will quickly concede to the neighbors across the street
    The problem child lives over there

    Your kids are just cut-ups
    Cutting their cures on a plate

    Are you chasing a feeling or is it getting you by?
    Don't say there's no way I'll steal what you're dealing
    You're getting us high

    The antidote is stuffed inside my coat but it's not curing me
    Candy handouts at parties by recommended prescription
    The antidote is burning up my throat,
    But it's not curing me