A Global Threat - Blow You Away

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  • A Global Threat
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    Title: Blow You Away
    Album: Here We Are (2002)
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    they've got you and your next move
    push buttons for the army
    block bullets for the rich
    a stupid game, sit back and wait
    for the day they decide to...
    now you're no more
    hang by, they won't feel us die
    hold a shovel for the city
    push a pencil for the state
    still the same, the bombs will rain
    down on YOU some day
    and... BLOW YOU AWAY
    now you're no more
    so we all die
    but who survives
    safe below are suits and ties!
    loneley evil breathing guys
    first lady's up
    fucked for god and buck
    or is it just dumb luck
    and they'll blow me away
    does it matter anyway...
    I'll do it first or they'll laugh last