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  • Weezer

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Weezer   Lover In The Snow unknown 
    2. Weezer   Lullaby For Wayne unknown 
    3. Weezer   Oh, Lisa unknown 
    4. Weezer   Prodigy Lover unknown 
    5. Weezer   Starlight unknown 
    6. Weezer   Teenage Victory Song unknown 
    7. Weezer   I Swear It's True unknown 
    8. Weezer   Longtime Sunshine unknown 
    9. Weezer   Pardon Me Make Believe (2005) 
    10. Weezer   Peace Make Believe (2005) 
    11. Weezer   Perfect Situation Make Believe (2005) 
    12. Weezer   The Damage In Your Heart Make Believe (2005) 
    13. Weezer   The Other Way Make Believe (2005) 
    14. Weezer   This Is Such A Pity Make Believe (2005) 
    15. Weezer   We Are All On Drugs Make Believe (2005) 
    16. Weezer   Beverly Hills Make Believe (2005) 
    17. Weezer   Freak Me Out Make Believe (2005) 
    18. Weezer   Haunt You Every Day Make Believe (2005) 
    19. Weezer   Hold Me Make Believe (2005) 
    20. Weezer   My Best Friend Make Believe (2005) 
    21. Weezer   Buddy Holly unknown 
    22. Weezer   Say It Aint So unknown 
    23. Weezer   Undone - The Sweater Song unknown 
    24. Weezer   My Name Is Jonas unknown 
    25. Weezer   No One Else unknown 
    26. Weezer   The World Has Turned and Left Me Here unknown 
    27. Weezer   Surf Wax America unknown 
    28. Weezer   In the Garage unknown 
    29. Weezer   Holiday unknown 
    30. Weezer   Only In Dreams unknown 
    31. Weezer   Tired Of Sex unknown 
    32. Weezer   Getchoo unknown 
    33. Weezer   No Other One unknown 
    34. Weezer   Why Bother? unknown 
    35. Weezer   Across The Sea unknown 
    36. Weezer   The Good Life unknown 
    37. Weezer   El Scorcho unknown 
    38. Weezer   Pink Triangle unknown 
    39. Weezer   Falling For You unknown 
    40. Weezer   Butterfly unknown 
    41. Weezer   My Avaline (Sweet Adeline) unknown 
    42. Weezer   Mykel And Carli unknown 
    43. Weezer   You Gave Your Love To Me Softly unknown 
    44. Weezer   Susanne unknown 
    45. Weezer   Jamie unknown 
    46. Weezer   The Christmas Song unknown 
    47. Weezer   The Christmas Song (Remix) unknown 
    48. Weezer   Devotion unknown 
    49. Weezer   Waiting On You unknown 
    50. Weezer   Don't Let Go unknown 
    51. Weezer   Photograph unknown 
    52. Weezer   Island In The Sun unknown 
    53. Weezer   Crab unknown 
    54. Weezer   Knock-down Drag-out unknown 
    55. Weezer   Smile unknown 
    56. Weezer   Simple Pages unknown 
    57. Weezer   Glorious Day unknown 
    58. Weezer   O Girlfriend unknown 
    59. Weezer   Starlight unknown 
    60. Weezer   O Lisa unknown 
    61. Weezer   Teenage Victory Song unknown 
    62. Weezer   I Do unknown 
    63. Weezer   Christmas Celebration unknown 
    64. Weezer   Velouria unknown 
    65. Weezer   American Girls unknown 
    66. Weezer   On The Edge unknown 
    67. Weezer   Preacher's Son unknown 
    68. Weezer   Slob unknown 
    69. Weezer   Superstar unknown 
    70. Weezer   Modern Dukes unknown 
    71. Weezer   My Brain unknown 
    72. Weezer   Your Sister unknown 
    73. Weezer   Mad Cow unknown 
    74. Weezer   Too Late To Try unknown 
    75. Weezer   O Girl unknown 
    76. Weezer   The Love I'm Searching For unknown 
    77. Weezer   Waiting unknown 
    78. Weezer   Friends Of P. unknown 
    79. Weezer   Move On unknown 
    80. Weezer   Please Let That Be You unknown 
    81. Weezer   My Summer Girl unknown 
    82. Weezer   Brilliant Boy unknown 
    83. Weezer   Naive unknown 
    84. Weezer   These Days unknown 
    85. Weezer   Sweetness & Tenderness unknown 
    86. Weezer   Getting By unknown 
    87. Weezer   Hello, Hello unknown 
    88. Weezer   She Says It's Alright unknown 
    89. Weezer   The Cruise unknown 
    90. Weezer   Barcelona unknown 
    91. Weezer   Say Goodbye Forever unknown 
    92. Weezer   Overlee unknown 
    93. Weezer   Congratulations unknown 
    94. Weezer   Fatigue unknown 
    95. Weezer   Pay No Mind unknown 
    96. Weezer   I'd Like To Know unknown 
    97. Weezer   Conquistadors Of Nothing unknown 
    98. Weezer   Hundred Times As Good unknown 
    99. Weezer   Pardon Me unknown 
    100. Weezer   A Fortunate Mistake unknown 
    101. Weezer   I'm Not Too Proud unknown 
    102. Weezer   It's All Here In This Book unknown 
    103. Weezer   No Show unknown 
    104. Weezer   A Brief History unknown 
    105. Weezer   Take My Place unknown 
    106. Weezer   Osaka Aquabus unknown 
    107. Weezer   Goddess Of Love unknown 
    108. Weezer   TV, Music, & Candy unknown 
    109. Weezer   Headache unknown 
    110. Weezer   Hash Pipe unknown 
    111. Weezer   American Gigolo unknown 
    112. Weezer   Dope Nose unknown 
    113. Weezer   Keep Fishin' unknown