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  • Rugrats

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Rugrats   Excuse My French unknown 
    2. Rugrats   Final Heartbreak unknown 
    3. Rugrats   I Throw My Toys Around unknown 
    4. Rugrats   I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever unknown 
    5. Rugrats   I'm Telling You This unknown 
    6. Rugrats   Island In The Sun unknown 
    7. Rugrats   L'Histoire D'Une Fee, C'Est... unknown 
    8. Rugrats   Life Is A Party unknown 
    9. Rugrats   Lizard Love unknown 
    10. Rugrats   Lust For Life unknown 
    11. Rugrats   My Country Tis Of Thee-Angelia Pickles Version unknown 
    12. Rugrats   My Getaway unknown 
    13. Rugrats   On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go unknown 
    14. Rugrats   One Way Or Another unknown 
    15. Rugrats   Packin' To Go unknown 
    16. Rugrats   Ready To Roll unknown 
    17. Rugrats   She'S On Fire unknown 
    18. Rugrats   Should I Stay Or Should I Go unknown 
    19. Rugrats   Take Me There unknown 
    20. Rugrats   This World Is Something New To Me unknown 
    21. Rugrats   When You Love unknown 
    22. Rugrats   Who Let The Dogs Out unknown 
    23. Rugrats   Witch Doctor unknown 
    24. Rugrats   You Don't Stand A Chance unknown 
    25. Rugrats   All Day unknown 
    26. Rugrats   Atomic Dog unknown 
    27. Rugrats   Better Beware unknown 
    28. Rugrats   Big Bad Cat unknown