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  • Rufus

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Rufus   Sweet Thing unknown 
    2. Rufus   There's No Tellin' unknown 
    3. Rufus   Maybe Your Baby unknown 
    4. Rufus   I Finally Found You unknown 
    5. Rufus   Feel Good unknown 
    6. Rufus   Satisfied unknown 
    7. Rufus   Haulin' Coal unknown 
    8. Rufus   Whoever's Thrilling You (Is Killing Me) unknown 
    9. Rufus   Medley: Love The One You're With/Sit Yourself Down unknown 
    10. Rufus   You Got The Love unknown 
    11. Rufus   I Got The Right Street (But The Wrong Direction) unknown 
    12. Rufus   Walkin' In The Sun unknown 
    13. Rufus   Swing Down Chariot unknown 
    14. Rufus   Ain't Nothin' But A Maybe unknown 
    15. Rufus   Tell Me Something Good unknown 
    16. Rufus   Look Through My Eyes unknown 
    17. Rufus   In Love We Grow unknown 
    18. Rufus   Smokin' Room unknown 
    19. Rufus   Once You Get Started unknown 
    20. Rufus   Somebody's Watching You unknown 
    21. Rufus   Pack'd My Bags unknown 
    22. Rufus   Your Smile unknown 
    23. Rufus   I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone) unknown 
    24. Rufus   Right Is Right unknown 
    25. Rufus   Half Moon unknown 
    26. Rufus   Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend) unknown 
    27. Rufus   Stop On By unknown 
    28. Rufus   At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up) unknown 
    29. Rufus   Close The Door unknown 
    30. Rufus   Earth Song unknown 
    31. Rufus   Everlasting Love unknown 
    32. Rufus   Hollywood unknown 
    33. Rufus   Magic In Your Eyes unknown 
    34. Rufus   Better Days unknown 
    35. Rufus   Egyptian Song unknown 
    36. Rufus   Street Player unknown 
    37. Rufus   Stay unknown 
    38. Rufus   Turn unknown 
    39. Rufus   Best Of Your Heart unknown 
    40. Rufus   Stranger To Love unknown 
    41. Rufus   Destiny unknown 
    42. Rufus   Change Your Ways unknown 
    43. Rufus   Do You Love What You Feel ? unknown 
    44. Rufus   Any Love unknown 
    45. Rufus   Heaven Bound unknown 
    46. Rufus   Walk The Rockway unknown 
    47. Rufus   Live In Me unknown 
    48. Rufus   Body Heat unknown 
    49. Rufus   I'm Dancing For Your Love unknown 
    50. Rufus   What Am I Missing? unknown 
    51. Rufus   Masterjam unknown 
    52. Rufus   Better Together unknown 
    53. Rufus   Jigsaw unknown 
    54. Rufus   Secret Friend unknown 
    55. Rufus   Music Man (The D.J. Song) unknown 
    56. Rufus   True Love unknown 
    57. Rufus   Sharing The Love unknown 
    58. Rufus   Quandary unknown 
    59. Rufus   Lilah unknown 
    60. Rufus   Losers In Love unknown 
    61. Rufus   Highlight unknown 
    62. Rufus   Ain't That Peculiar unknown 
    63. Rufus   What Cha' Gonna Do For Me ? unknown 
    64. Rufus   Ain't Nobody unknown 
    65. Rufus   One Million Kisses unknown 
    66. Rufus   Try A Little Understanding unknown 
    67. Rufus   Don't Go To Strangers unknown