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     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Next   Looking For Love unknown 
    2. Next   We Can't Be Friends unknown 
    3. Next   Whatever You Want unknown 
    4. Next   Freak In Me unknown 
    5. Next   I Still Love You (Remix) unknown 
    6. Next   Wifey unknown 
    7. Next   Beauty Queen unknown 
    8. Next   Butta Love unknown 
    9. Next   Cozy unknown 
    10. Next   Cybersex unknown 
    11. Next   I Still Love You unknown 
    12. Next   Jerk unknown 
    13. Next   Splash unknown 
    14. Next   Too Close unknown 
    15. Next   What You Want unknown 
    16. Next   When We Kiss unknown 
    17. Next   Do You Think About Me unknown 
    18. Next   Call On Me unknown 
    19. Next   Shorty unknown 
    20. Next   Minnesnowta [Interlude] unknown 
    21. Next   Let's Make A Movie unknown 
    22. Next   My Everything unknown 
    23. Next   My Place unknown 
    24. Next   Represent Me unknown 
    25. Next   You Are My High unknown 
    26. Next   Experience unknown 
    27. Next   Problems unknown 
    28. Next   Rock On unknown 
    29. Next   Taste So Good unknown 
    30. Next   Sexitude unknown 
    31. Next   Admitt The Rat unknown 
    32. Next   Stop, Drop & Roll unknown 
    33. Next   Welcome II Nextasy (Intro) unknown 
    34. Next   Banned From TV unknown 
    35. Next   Freak In Me unknown 
    36. Next   Butta Love Rated Next 
    37. Next   Phone Sex Rated Next 
    38. Next   Represent Me Rated Next 
    39. Next   Rock On Rated Next 
    40. Next   Sexitude Rated Next 
    41. Next   Stop, Drop And Roll Rated Next 
    42. Next   Taste So Good Rated Next 
    43. Next   Too Close Rated Next 
    44. Next   You Are My High Rated Next 
    45. Next   Admit The Rat Rated Next 
    46. Next   Cozy Rated Next 
    47. Next   Do You Think About Me Rated Next 
    48. Next   I Still Love You Rated Next 
    49. Next   Intro Rated Next 
    50. Next   My Place Rated Next 
    51. Next   Next Experience Rated Next 
    52. Next   Penetration Rated Next 
    53. Next   Problems Rated Next 
    54. Next   All Because Of You The Next Episode 
    55. Next   Brand New The Next Episode 
    56. Next   Do Your Thing The Next Episode 
    57. Next   Feels Good The Next Episode 
    58. Next   Girl, Lady, Woman The Next Episode 
    59. Next   Hold Me Down The Next Episode 
    60. Next   I'm Tryin' To What The Next Episode 
    61. Next   Imagine That The Next Episode 
    62. Next   It's Okay The Next Episode 
    63. Next   Just Like That The Next Episode 
    64. Next   Lights Out The Next Episode 
    65. Next   My Love The Next Episode 
    66. Next   That's My Word The Next Episode 
    67. Next   Your Love Is The Next Episode 
    68. Next   Wifey Welcome II Nextacy 
    69. Next   Let's Make A Movie Welcome II Nextasy 
    70. Next   Minnesnowta [Interlude] Welcome II Nextasy 
    71. Next   My Everything Welcome II Nextasy 
    72. Next   Oh No No Welcome II Nextasy 
    73. Next   Shorty Welcome II Nextasy 
    74. Next   Splash Welcome II Nextasy 
    75. Next   Welcome II Nextasy Welcome II Nextasy 
    76. Next   What You Want Welcome II Nextasy 
    77. Next   When We Kiss Welcome II Nextasy 
    78. Next   Banned From TV Welcome II Nextasy 
    79. Next   Beauty Queen Welcome II Nextasy 
    80. Next   Call On Me Welcome II Nextasy 
    81. Next   Cybersex Welcome II Nextasy 
    82. Next   Jerk Welcome II Nextasy