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  • Lobo

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Lobo   The End Of The World Classic Hits (1995) 
    2. Lobo   Twilight Time Classic Hits (1995) 
    3. Lobo   Whispers In The Wind Classic Hits (1995) 
    4. Lobo   Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Classic Hits (1995) 
    5. Lobo   Dream Lover Classic Hits (1995) 
    6. Lobo   I'll Come Back To You Classic Hits (1995) 
    7. Lobo   It's All In The Game Classic Hits (1995) 
    8. Lobo   No Secrets Classic Hits (1995) 
    9. Lobo   Stoney Classic Hits (1995) 
    10. Lobo   Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend Greatest Hits (1999) 
    11. Lobo   How Can I Tell Her Greatest Hits (1999) 
    12. Lobo   I'd Love You To Want Me Greatest Hits (1999) 
    13. Lobo   Me And You And A Dog Named Boo Greatest Hits (1999) 
    14. Lobo   I Don't Wanna Make Love Anymore Greatest Hits (1999) 
    15. Lobo   I'd Love You To Want Me Greatest Hits (1999) 
    16. Lobo   It's Time To Face The Music And Dance Greatest Hits (1999) 
    17. Lobo   Lay Me Down Greatest Hits (1999) 
    18. Lobo   Me And You And A Dog Named Boo Greatest Hits (1999) 
    19. Lobo   New York Hold Her Tight Greatest Hits (1999) 
    20. Lobo   Spendin' Time, Makin' Love And Going Crazy Greatest Hits (1999) 
    21. Lobo   The Way I Came In Greatest Hits (1999) 
    22. Lobo   Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love Greatest Hits (1999) 
    23. Lobo   With A Love Like Ours Greatest Hits (1999) 
    24. Lobo   You Are All I'll Ever Need Greatest Hits (1999) 
    25. Lobo   A Day In The Life Of A Love Greatest Hits (1999) 
    26. Lobo   Afterglow Greatest Hits (1999) 
    27. Lobo   Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend Greatest Hits (1999) 
    28. Lobo   Fight Fire With Fire Greatest Hits (1999) 
    29. Lobo   Gus, The Dancing Dog Greatest Hits (1999) 
    30. Lobo   Heart To Heart (Person To Person) Greatest Hits (1999) 
    31. Lobo   Holding On For Dear Love Greatest Hits (1999) 
    32. Lobo   How Can I Tell Her Greatest Hits (1999) 
    33. Lobo   I Can't Believe You Anymore Greatest Hits (1999) 
    34. Lobo   Wide Open Spaces Sometimes (1996) 
    35. Lobo   Yellow River Sometimes (1996) 
    36. Lobo   You Are My Need Sometimes (1996) 
    37. Lobo   I Long To See My Home Sometimes (1996) 
    38. Lobo   I'd Do It Again Sometimes (1996) 
    39. Lobo   I'm Glad I've Got Someone (Who Loves Me Like That) Sometimes (1996) 
    40. Lobo   It's The Thought That Counts Sometimes (1996) 
    41. Lobo   Like Love's Brand New Sometimes (1996) 
    42. Lobo   Love Is Approaching Sometimes (1996) 
    43. Lobo   Love Works Sometimes (1996) 
    44. Lobo   Now I Know How It Feels Sometimes (1996) 
    45. Lobo   She Took It Too Well Sometimes (1996) 
    46. Lobo   Sometimes Sometimes (1996) 
    47. Lobo   Tell Me Something I Don't Know Sometimes (1996) 
    48. Lobo   You Don't Know Me You Must Remember This (1997) 
    49. Lobo   Young At Heart You Must Remember This (1997) 
    50. Lobo   As Time Goes By You Must Remember This (1997) 
    51. Lobo   Forever & Ever You Must Remember This (1997) 
    52. Lobo   I Don't Know Why You Must Remember This (1997) 
    53. Lobo   I'm In The Mood For Love You Must Remember This (1997) 
    54. Lobo   It's The Talk Of The Town You Must Remember This (1997) 
    55. Lobo   Moonglow You Must Remember This (1997) 
    56. Lobo   More You Must Remember This (1997) 
    57. Lobo   Our Day Will Come You Must Remember This (1997) 
    58. Lobo   P.S. I Love You You Must Remember This (1997) 
    59. Lobo   Teach Me Tonight You Must Remember This (1997) 
    60. Lobo   Tears On My Pillow You Must Remember This (1997) 
    61. Lobo   The End You Must Remember This (1997) 
    62. Lobo   The Girl From Ipanema You Must Remember This (1997) 
    63. Lobo   Wonderful Wonderful You Must Remember This (1997)