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  • Kyla

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Kyla   I Feel For You unknown 
    2. Kyla   I Will Be There unknown 
    3. Kyla   I Will Find You unknown 
    4. Kyla   Til' They Take My Heart Away unknown 
    5. Kyla   Because Of You unknown 
    6. Kyla   Buti Na Lang unknown 
    7. Kyla   Can We Just Stop And Talk A While unknown 
    8. Kyla   Hanggang Ngayon unknown 
    9. Kyla   Human Nature unknown 
    10. Kyla   One More Try unknown 
    11. Kyla   Not Your Ordinary Girl unknown 
    12. Kyla   If The Feeling Is Gone unknown 
    13. Kyla   Let The Love Begin unknown 
    14. Kyla   Bounce I Will be There 
    15. Kyla   Sana Maulit Muli I Will be There 
    16. Kyla   With You I Will be There 
    17. Kyla   Walang Iba I Will be There 
    18. Kyla   Let You Go I Will be There 
    19. Kyla   Maghihintay Lamang I Will be There 
    20. Kyla   Bakit Wala Ka Pa I Will be There 
    21. Kyla   Here I Stand I Will be There 
    22. Kyla   Love To Hate I Will be There 
    23. Kyla   Let Go I Will be There 
    24. Kyla   Always On Time I Will be There 
    25. Kyla   Make Me Whole I Will Be There, Not Your Ordinary Girl 
    26. Kyla   Make Me Whole I Will Be There, Not Your Ordinary Girl 
    27. Kyla   Making Me Crazy Not Your Ordinary Girl 
    28. Kyla   What More Can I Say Not Your Ordinary Girl 
    29. Kyla   Someone To Love Not Your Ordinary Girl 
    30. Kyla   When I'm With You Not Your Ordinary Girl