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  •  #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Hear'Say   Pure & Simple unknown 
    2. Hear'Say   The Way To Your Love unknown 
    3. Hear'Say   Monday Monday unknown 
    4. Hear'Say   Bridge Over Troubled Water unknown 
    5. Hear'Say   One Step Closer unknown 
    6. Hear'Say   Another Lover unknown 
    7. Hear'Say   One unknown 
    8. Hear'Say   Not The Kind unknown 
    9. Hear'Say   Make It Happen unknown 
    10. Hear'Say   Breathe unknown 
    11. Hear'Say   Carried Away unknown 
    12. Hear'Say   Sweet Alibi unknown 
    13. Hear'Say   I Didn't Want You Anyway unknown 
    14. Hear'Say   Colour Blind unknown 
    15. Hear'Say   Love Will Never End unknown