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  • Gil

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Gil   Out Of My Bed (Still In My Head) unknown 
    2. Gil   Emotions unknown 
    3. Gil   Everytime unknown 
    4. Gil   It's Your Love unknown 
    5. Gil   Never On My Mind unknown 
    6. Gil   On & On unknown 
    7. Gil   Close 2 Perfect unknown 
    8. Gil   Right Now unknown 
    9. Gil   Say What You Want unknown 
    10. Gil   Sometimes I... unknown 
    11. Gil   Stop unknown 
    12. Gil   The Only One unknown 
    13. Gil   The Truth In Your Eyes unknown 
    14. Gil   U & I unknown 
    15. Gil   Walking Down the Line unknown 
    16. Gil   Let The Music Heal Your Soul unknown 
    17. Gil   Christmas Time unknown 
    18. Gil   Children Of The World unknown 
    19. Gil   Talk To You unknown 
    20. Gil   For Heaven's Sake Here I Am (1999) 
    21. Gil   Bang Bang Bang Here I Am (1999) 
    22. Gil   Charline Here I Am (1999) 
    23. Gil   Come On, Come On Here I Am (1999) 
    24. Gil   Bandstarter Here I Am (1999) 
    25. Gil   Goodbye Here I Am (1999) 
    26. Gil   I Am So In Love Here I Am (1999) 
    27. Gil   I Need You Here I Am (1999) 
    28. Gil   If You Only Knew Here I Am (1999) 
    29. Gil   Never Giving Up Now Here I Am (1999) 
    30. Gil   Round n' Round (It Goes) Here I Am (1999) 
    31. Gil   See It In Your Eyes Here I Am (1999)