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  • Genesis

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Genesis   The Dividing Line unknown 
    2. Genesis   The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway unknown 
    3. Genesis   The Musical Box unknown 
    4. Genesis   The Silent Sun unknown 
    5. Genesis   There Must Be Some Other Way unknown 
    6. Genesis   Throwing It All Away unknown 
    7. Genesis   Tonight, Tonight, Tonight unknown 
    8. Genesis   Uncertain Weather unknown 
    9. Genesis   Abacab unknown 
    10. Genesis   Afterglow unknown 
    11. Genesis   Alien Afternoon unknown 
    12. Genesis   Anything She Does unknown 
    13. Genesis   Behind The Lines unknown 
    14. Genesis   Calling All Stations unknown 
    15. Genesis   Congo unknown 
    16. Genesis   Dance On A Volcano unknown 
    17. Genesis   Dancing With The Moonlight Knight unknown 
    18. Genesis   Domino--In The Glow Of The Night unknown 
    19. Genesis   Domino--The Last Domino unknown 
    20. Genesis   Duchess unknown 
    21. Genesis   Eleventh Earl Of Mar unknown 
    22. Genesis   Firth Of Fifth unknown 
    23. Genesis   Follow You, Follow Me unknown 
    24. Genesis   Guide Vocal unknown 
    25. Genesis   Happy The Man unknown 
    26. Genesis   Home By The Sea unknown 
    27. Genesis   I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) unknown 
    28. Genesis   If That's What You Need unknown 
    29. Genesis   Illegal Alien unknown 
    30. Genesis   In The Cage unknown 
    31. Genesis   In Too Deep unknown 
    32. Genesis   Invisible Touch unknown 
    33. Genesis   Land Of Confusion unknown 
    34. Genesis   Mama unknown 
    35. Genesis   Man On The Corner unknown 
    36. Genesis   Misunderstanding unknown 
    37. Genesis   No Reply At All unknown 
    38. Genesis   Not About Us unknown 
    39. Genesis   One Man's Fool unknown 
    40. Genesis   Ripples unknown 
    41. Genesis   Shipwrecked unknown 
    42. Genesis   Small Talk unknown 
    43. Genesis   Stagnation unknown 
    44. Genesis   Supper's Ready unknown 
    45. Genesis   Taking It All Too Hard unknown 
    46. Genesis   That?S All unknown 
    47. Genesis   That'S Me unknown 
    48. Genesis   The Carpet Crawlers unknown 
    49. Genesis   That's All Genesis (1983) 
    50. Genesis   It's Gonna Get Better Genesis (1983) 
    51. Genesis   Just A Job To Do Genesis (1983) 
    52. Genesis   Silver Rainbow Genesis (1983) 
    53. Genesis   That's All unknown 
    54. Genesis   Mama unknown 
    55. Genesis   No Replay At All unknown 
    56. Genesis   Man On The Corner unknown 
    57. Genesis   No Son Of Mine We Can't Dance (1991) 
    58. Genesis   Since I Lost You We Can't Dance (1991) 
    59. Genesis   Tell Me Why We Can't Dance (1991) 
    60. Genesis   Way Of The World We Can't Dance (1991) 
    61. Genesis   Dreaming While You Sleep We Can't Dance (1991) 
    62. Genesis   Driving The Last Spike We Can't Dance (1991) 
    63. Genesis   Fading Lights We Can't Dance (1991) 
    64. Genesis   Hold On My Heart We Can't Dance (1991) 
    65. Genesis   I Can't Dance We Can't Dance (1991) 
    66. Genesis   Jesus He Knows Me We Can't Dance (1991) 
    67. Genesis   Living Forever We Can't Dance (1991) 
    68. Genesis   Never A Time We Can't Dance (1991)