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  • E-Rotic

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. E-Rotic   Angel's Night unknown 
    2. E-Rotic   Please Me unknown 
    3. E-Rotic   Baby Please Stop unknown 
    4. E-Rotic   Bad Boy unknown 
    5. E-Rotic   Big Max unknown 
    6. E-Rotic   Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) unknown 
    7. E-Rotic   Cat's Eye unknown 
    8. E-Rotic   Chico Chaco unknown 
    9. E-Rotic   Come On, Make Love To Me unknown 
    10. E-Rotic   Crying Like A Child unknown 
    11. E-Rotic   Dance With The Vamps unknown 
    12. E-Rotic   Do It All Night unknown 
    13. E-Rotic   Don't Go unknown 
    14. E-Rotic   Don't Make Me Wet unknown 
    15. E-Rotic   Don't Say We're Through unknown 
    16. E-Rotic   Don't Talk Dirty To Me unknown 
    17. E-Rotic   Dr Love unknown 
    18. E-Rotic   Dynamite unknown 
    19. E-Rotic   Ecstasy unknown 
    20. E-Rotic   En Mon Coeur unknown 
    21. E-Rotic   Erotic Dreams unknown 
    22. E-Rotic   Falling For A Witch unknown 
    23. E-Rotic   Final Heartbreak unknown 
    24. E-Rotic   Fred, Come To Bed unknown 
    25. E-Rotic   Freedom unknown 
    26. E-Rotic   Fritz Love My Tits unknown 
    27. E-Rotic   Get Away unknown 
    28. E-Rotic   Gimme Gimme Gimme unknown 
    29. E-Rotic   Gimme Good Sex unknown 
    30. E-Rotic   Give A Little Love unknown 
    31. E-Rotic   Give Me Delight unknown 
    32. E-Rotic   Got To Get It Right Now unknown 
    33. E-Rotic   Gotta Get It Groovin' unknown 
    34. E-Rotic   Hearts Are A Changing unknown 
    35. E-Rotic   Help Me Dr. Dick unknown 
    36. E-Rotic   I'm Horny unknown 
    37. E-Rotic   I Want You unknown 
    38. E-Rotic   In The Dark Of The Night unknown 
    39. E-Rotic   In The Heat Of The Night unknown 
    40. E-Rotic   Is It You unknown 
    41. E-Rotic   It's Just A Little Flirt unknown 
    42. E-Rotic   Jonny Y unknown 
    43. E-Rotic   King Kong unknown 
    44. E-Rotic   Kiss Me unknown 
    45. E-Rotic   Lay Back unknown 
    46. E-Rotic   L.O.V.E. unknown 
    47. E-Rotic   Love And Sex Are Free unknown 
    48. E-Rotic   Makin' Love In The Sun unknown 
    49. E-Rotic   Mambo No. Sex unknown 
    50. E-Rotic   Max, Don't Have Sex With Your Ex unknown 
    51. E-Rotic   Mi Amante unknown 
    52. E-Rotic   Missing You unknown 
    53. E-Rotic   Molly Dolly unknown 
    54. E-Rotic   Move Me Baby unknown 
    55. E-Rotic   My Heart Goes Boom Boom unknown 
    56. E-Rotic   Oh Nick Please Not So Quick unknown 
    57. E-Rotic   Ooh La La La unknown 
    58. E-Rotic   Ralph Don't Make Love By Yourself unknown 
    59. E-Rotic   Rock Me Baby unknown 
    60. E-Rotic   Sam unknown 
    61. E-Rotic   Save Me unknown 
    62. E-Rotic   Send Me A Message Of Love unknown 
    63. E-Rotic   Seven Seconds Away unknown 
    64. E-Rotic   Sex Machine unknown 
    65. E-Rotic   Sex Me unknown 
    66. E-Rotic   Sex On The Phone unknown 
    67. E-Rotic   Sexual Healing unknown 
    68. E-Rotic   Sexual Madness unknown 
    69. E-Rotic   Shag Me unknown 
    70. E-Rotic   Shenandoah unknown 
    71. E-Rotic   Shy unknown 
    72. E-Rotic   Skin To Skin unknown 
    73. E-Rotic   S. O. S. unknown 
    74. E-Rotic   Take My Love unknown 
    75. E-Rotic   Talk To Your Girl unknown 
    76. E-Rotic   Tears In Your Blue Eyes unknown 
    77. E-Rotic   Temple Of Love unknown 
    78. E-Rotic   Tempt Me On The line unknown 
    79. E-Rotic   Test My Best unknown 
    80. E-Rotic   The Power Of Sex unknown 
    81. E-Rotic   The Story Is Over unknown 
    82. E-Rotic   Touch Me unknown 
    83. E-Rotic   Turn Me On unknown 
    84. E-Rotic   Untouchable Feeling unknown 
    85. E-Rotic   Veejay The DJ unknown 
    86. E-Rotic   When I Cry For You unknown 
    87. E-Rotic   When I Lie unknown 
    88. E-Rotic   Why unknown 
    89. E-Rotic   Wild And Strong unknown 
    90. E-Rotic   Wild Love unknown 
    91. E-Rotic   Willy Use A Billy... Boy unknown 
    92. E-Rotic   Wish You Were Here unknown 
    93. E-Rotic   You Give Me All I Desire unknown