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  • Darius

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Darius   I Have A Dream unknown 
    2. Darius   Baby Can I Hold You Tonight unknown 
    3. Darius   Dancing In The Moonlight unknown 
    4. Darius   When A Child Is Born unknown 
    5. Darius   Darius's Farewell unknown 
    6. Darius   It's Not Unusual unknown 
    7. Darius   Let There Be Love unknown 
    8. Darius   Let's Face The Music unknown 
    9. Darius   Make It Easy On Yourself unknown 
    10. Darius   Pretty Flamingo unknown 
    11. Darius   Time of Your Life unknown 
    12. Darius   What The World Needs Now unknown 
    13. Darius   Whole Again unknown 
    14. Darius   (Something Inside) So Strong unknown 
    15. Darius   Freefall unknown 
    16. Darius   Right Girl Wrong Time unknown 
    17. Darius   Sexy Individual unknown 
    18. Darius   She's Coming Home unknown 
    19. Darius   Tear Run Dry unknown 
    20. Darius   Bootylicious unknown 
    21. Darius   Butterfly Spirit unknown 
    22. Darius   Don't Forget To Breathe unknown 
    23. Darius   Faith In Me unknown 
    24. Darius   Faith unknown 
    25. Darius   Fragile unknown 
    26. Darius   Mercury Rising Dive In 
    27. Darius   Colourblind Dive In 
    28. Darius   Dive In Dive In 
    29. Darius   Girl In The Moon Dive In 
    30. Darius   I Gotta Know Tonight Dive In 
    31. Darius   I'm Not Buying Dive In 
    32. Darius   Incredible (What I Meant To Say) Dive In 
    33. Darius   Better Than That Dive In 
    34. Darius   Mocking Bird Dive In 
    35. Darius   Rushes Dive In 
    36. Darius   Simple Like The Truth Dive In 
    37. Darius   Sliding Doors Dive In 
    38. Darius   Kinda Love Live Twice (2004) 
    39. Darius   Live Twice Live Twice (2004) 
    40. Darius   Love To Love Live Twice (2004) 
    41. Darius   Only You Live Twice (2004) 
    42. Darius   Resolution Live Twice (2004) 
    43. Darius   Save Me Live Twice (2004) 
    44. Darius   Secret Song (Songwriting Demo) Live Twice (2004) 
    45. Darius   Stars Crash Down Live Twice (2004) 
    46. Darius   Better Man Live Twice (2004) 
    47. Darius   Devil In You Live Twice (2004) 
    48. Darius   How Do You Like It Live Twice (2004) 
    49. Darius   If I Could Live Twice (2004) 
    50. Darius   Journey's End Live Twice (2004) 
    51. Darius   ColourBlind unknown 
    52. Darius   Chrysalis To Butterfly unknown 
    53. Darius   Rushes unknown 
    54. Darius   Incredible unknown 
    55. Darius   Girl In The Moon unknown 
    56. Darius   I'm Not Buying unknown 
    57. Darius   Dive In unknown 
    58. Darius   Gotta Know Tonight unknown 
    59. Darius   Sliding Doors unknown 
    60. Darius   Simple Like The Truth unknown 
    61. Darius   Better Than That unknown 
    62. Darius   Mocking Bird unknown 
    63. Darius   Mercury Rising unknown 
    64. Darius   Chrysalis To Butterfly Unknown