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  • D-12

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. D-12   Act A Fool unknown 
    2. D-12   Activity As Phuctivity unknown 
    3. D-12   Chance To Advance unknown 
    4. D-12   Down Low unknown 
    5. D-12   Filthy unknown 
    6. D-12   Fuck Battlin unknown 
    7. D-12   Get The Dick unknown 
    8. D-12   How People Get Fucked Up unknown 
    9. D-12   Maxine unknown 
    10. D-12   Nasty Minds unknown 
    11. D-12   No One's Iller Than Me unknown 
    12. D-12   No Rubber unknown 
    13. D-12   Quitter unknown 
    14. D-12   Rap Guys unknown 
    15. D-12   Searchin unknown 
    16. D-12   Trife Thieves unknown 
    17. D-12   W.E.G.O. (Interlude) unknown 
    18. D-12   What What unknown 
    19. D-12   Another Public Service Announcement unknown 
    20. D-12   Girls unknown 
    21. D-12   My Band unknown