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  • Afroman

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. Afroman   Just My Paranoia unknown 
    2. Afroman   Life For A Pimp unknown 
    3. Afroman   Moonlight unknown 
    4. Afroman   Sag Yo Pants unknown 
    5. Afroman   Back 2 School unknown 
    6. Afroman   Dopefiend unknown 
    7. Afroman   Girls unknown 
    8. Afroman   Graveyard Shift unknown 
    9. Afroman   Hey unknown 
    10. Afroman   Act A Fool unknown 
    11. Afroman   Whack Rappers (Afroman Diss) unknown 
    12. Afroman   Freak On With You Afroholic The Even Better Times (2004) 
    13. Afroman   Ghetto Memories Afroholic The Even Better Times (2004) 
    14. Afroman   Jackin' Afroman Afroholic The Even Better Times (2004) 
    15. Afroman   Colt 45 Afroholic The Even Better Times (2004) 
    16. Afroman   Drive Better Drunk Afroholic The Even Better Times (2004) 
    17. Afroman   Colt 45 unknown 
    18. Afroman   Tumbleweed unknown 
    19. Afroman   Because I Got High unknown 
    20. Afroman   She Won't Let Me Fucc unknown 
    21. Afroman   Let's All Get Drunk Tonight unknown 
    22. Afroman   Palmdale unknown 
    23. Afroman   Hush unknown 
    24. Afroman   Missisippi unknown 
    25. Afroman   The American Dream unknown 
    26. Afroman   Tall Cans unknown 
    27. Afroman   You Ain't My Friend unknown 
    28. Afroman   Dopefiend unknown 
    29. Afroman   Crazy Rap unknown 
    30. Afroman   Girls unknown 
    31. Afroman   Sell Your Dope unknown 
    32. Afroman   Tall Cans The Good Times 
    33. Afroman   Hush The Good Times