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  • A.F.I.

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. A.F.I.   Head Like A Hole unknown 
    2. A.F.I.   Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37 unknown 
    3. A.F.I.   Miss Murder Decemberunderground (2006) 
    4. A.F.I.   Prelude 1221 Decemberunderground (2006) 
    5. A.F.I.   Summer Shudder Decemberunderground (2006) 
    6. A.F.I.   The Interview Decemberunderground (2006) 
    7. A.F.I.   The Killing Lights Decemberunderground (2006) 
    8. A.F.I.   The Missing Frame Decemberunderground (2006) 
    9. A.F.I.   37mm Decemberunderground (2006) 
    10. A.F.I.   Affliction Decemberunderground (2006) 
    11. A.F.I.   Endlessly, She Said Decemberunderground (2006) 
    12. A.F.I.   Kill Caustic Decemberunderground (2006) 
    13. A.F.I.   Kiss And Control Decemberunderground (2006) 
    14. A.F.I.   Love Like Winter Decemberunderground (2006) 
    15. A.F.I.   Miseria Cantare (The Beginning) Sing The Sorrow 
    16. A.F.I.   Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) Sing The Sorrow 
    17. A.F.I.   Silver And Cold Sing The Sorrow 
    18. A.F.I.   The Leaving Song Sing The Sorrow 
    19. A.F.I.   This Celluliod Dream Sing The Sorrow 
    20. A.F.I.   Girl's Not Grey Sing The Sorrow 
    21. A.F.I.   Bleed Black Sing The Sorrow 
    22. A.F.I.   Death of Seasons Sing The Sorrow 
    23. A.F.I.   Synesthesia Sing The Sorrow 
    24. A.F.I.   The Great Disappointment Sing The Sorrow 
    25. A.F.I.   The Leaving Song Pt. 2 Sing The Sorrow 
    26. A.F.I.   This Time Imperfect Sing The Sorrow 
    27. A.F.I.   ...But Home Is Nowhere Sing The Sorrow 
    28. A.F.I.   Dancing Through Sunday Sing The Sorrow 
    29. A.F.I.   Now The World Sing The Sorrow 
    30. A.F.I.   Ever And A Day The Art of Drowning 
    31. A.F.I.   Sacrifice Theory The Art of Drowning 
    32. A.F.I.   The Lost Souls The Art of Drowning 
    33. A.F.I.   The Nephilim The Art of Drowning