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  • A-Ha

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. A-Ha   X'mas Time ( Blows My Mind ) unknown 
    2. A-Ha   Were Looking For The Whales unknown 
    3. A-Ha   There's Never A Foreverthing unknown 
    4. A-Ha   The Sun Never Shine That Day unknown 
    5. A-Ha   The Sun Always Shines On Tv unknown 
    6. A-Ha   The Blue Sky unknown 
    7. A-Ha   Shapes That Go Together unknown 
    8. A-Ha   Olling Thunder unknown 
    9. A-Ha   Love Is Reason unknown 
    10. A-Ha   Living A Boy's Adventure Tale unknown 
    11. A-Ha   I Dream Myself Alive unknown 
    12. A-Ha   Here I Stand And Face The Rain unknown 
    13. A-Ha   Heavens Not For Saints unknown 
    14. A-Ha   And You Tell Me unknown 
    15. A-Ha   ( Seemingly ) Nonstop July unknown 
    16. A-Ha   The Fine Blue Line Analogue (2005) 
    17. A-Ha   The Summers Of Our Youth Analogue (2005) 
    18. A-Ha   White Dwarf Analogue (2005) 
    19. A-Ha   Analogue Analogue (2005) 
    20. A-Ha   Birthright Analogue (2005) 
    21. A-Ha   Celice Analogue (2005) 
    22. A-Ha   Cosy Prisons Analogue (2005) 
    23. A-Ha   Don't Do Me Any Favour Analogue (2005) 
    24. A-Ha   Halfway Through The Tour Analogue (2005) 
    25. A-Ha   Holyground Analogue (2005) 
    26. A-Ha   Keeper Of The Flame Analogue (2005) 
    27. A-Ha   Make It Soon Analogue (2005) 
    28. A-Ha   Over The Treetops Analogue (2005) 
    29. A-Ha   The Sun Always Shines On T.V. How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head (2003) disc 1 
    30. A-Ha   Time And Again How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head (2003) disc 2 
    31. A-Ha   Forever Not Yours Lifelines (2002) 
    32. A-Ha   Afternoon High Lifelines (2002) 
    33. A-Ha   Cannot Hide Lifelines (2002) 
    34. A-Ha   Did Anyone Approach You Lifelines (2002) 
    35. A-Ha   Dragonfly Lifelines (2002) 
    36. A-Ha   A Little Bit Lifelines (2002) 
    37. A-Ha   Less Than Pure Lifelines (2002) 
    38. A-Ha   Lifelines Lifelines (2002) 
    39. A-Ha   Oranges on Apple Trees Lifelines (2002) 
    40. A-Ha   Solace Lifelines (2002) 
    41. A-Ha   There's a Reason For It Lifelines (2002) 
    42. A-Ha   Turn the Lights Down Lifelines (2002) 
    43. A-Ha   White Canvas Lifelines (2002) 
    44. A-Ha   You Wanted More Lifelines (2002) 
    45. A-Ha   Oranges on Apple Trees Lifelines (2002) 
    46. A-Ha   Lifelines Lifelines (2002) 
    47. A-Ha   Did Anyone Approach You Lifelines (2002) 
    48. A-Ha   Dragonfly Lifelines (2002) 
    49. A-Ha   Forever Not Yours Lifelines (2002) 
    50. A-Ha   The Living Daylights Lifelines (2002) 
    51. A-Ha   Nonstop July (Seemingly) unknown 
    52. A-Ha   Angel In The Snow unknown 
    53. A-Ha   Between Your Mama And Yourself unknown 
    54. A-Ha   Blue Sky unknown 
    55. A-Ha   Cold As Stone unknown 
    56. A-Ha   Cold River unknown 
    57. A-Ha   Cry Wolf unknown 
    58. A-Ha   Crying In The Rain unknown 
    59. A-Ha   Dark Is The Night For All unknown 
    60. A-Ha   Early Morning unknown 
    61. A-Ha   East Of The Sun unknown 
    62. A-Ha   How Sweet It Was unknown 
    63. A-Ha   Hunting High And Low unknown 
    64. A-Ha   Hurry Home unknown 
    65. A-Ha   I Call Your Name unknown 
    66. A-Ha   I've Been Losing You unknown 
    67. A-Ha   Lamb To The Slaughter unknown 
    68. A-Ha   Lie Down In Darkness unknown 
    69. A-Ha   Locust unknown 
    70. A-Ha   Manhattan Skyline unknown 
    71. A-Ha   Maybe Maybe unknown 
    72. A-Ha   Memorial Beach unknown 
    73. A-Ha   Move To Memphis unknown 
    74. A-Ha   October unknown 
    75. A-Ha   Out Of Blue Comes Green unknown 
    76. A-Ha   Rolling Thunder unknown 
    77. A-Ha   Scoundrel Days unknown 
    78. A-Ha   Slender Frame unknown 
    79. A-Ha   Soft Rains Of April unknown 
    80. A-Ha   Stay On These Roads unknown 
    81. A-Ha   Sycamore Leaves unknown 
    82. A-Ha   Take On Me unknown 
    83. A-Ha   The Blood That Moves My Body unknown 
    84. A-Ha   The Blood That Moves The Body unknown 
    85. A-Ha   The Living Daylights unknown 
    86. A-Ha   The Sun Always Shines On T.V unknown 
    87. A-Ha   The Swing Of Things unknown 
    88. A-Ha   The Way We Talk unknown 
    89. A-Ha   The Weight Of The Wind unknown 
    90. A-Ha   There's Never A Forever Thing unknown 
    91. A-Ha   This Alone Is Love unknown 
    92. A-Ha   Touchy! unknown 
    93. A-Ha   Train Of Thought unknown 
    94. A-Ha   Waiting For Her unknown 
    95. A-Ha   We're Looking For The Whales unknown 
    96. A-Ha   You Are The One unknown 
    97. A-Ha   You'll End Up Crying unknown 
    98. A-Ha   Minor Earth Major Sky unknown 
    99. A-Ha   Little Black Heart unknown 
    100. A-Ha   Velvet unknown 
    101. A-Ha   Summer Moved On unknown 
    102. A-Ha   The Sun Never Shone That Day unknown 
    103. A-Ha   To Let You Win unknown 
    104. A-Ha   The Company Man unknown 
    105. A-Ha   Thought That It Was You unknown 
    106. A-Ha   I Wish I Cared unknown 
    107. A-Ha   Barely Hanging On unknown 
    108. A-Ha   You'll Never Get Over Me unknown 
    109. A-Ha   I Won't Forget Her unknown 
    110. A-Ha   Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count unknown 
    111. A-Ha   Forever Not Yours unknown