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  • A*Teens

     #   Artist   Title   Album 
    1. A*Teens   Upside Down unknown 
    2. A*Teens   Lay All Your Love On Me unknown 
    3. A*Teens   Upsidedown (Bouncing Off The Ceiling) unknown 
    4. A*Teens   Halfway Around The World unknown 
    5. A*Teens   Halfway Round the World unknown 
    6. A*Teens   Firefly unknown 
    7. A*Teens   Closer To Perfection unknown 
    8. A*Teens   Let Your Heart Do All The Talking unknown 
    9. A*Teens   Floorfiller unknown 
    10. A*Teens   Sugar Rush unknown 
    11. A*Teens   Can't Help Falling In Love unknown